The last lines of Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, ring with the silent refrain of so many nonprofit leaders.
                 “But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”

Leadership exhibits character and virtue.  It requires, yet tests, formidable hope, and the ambition to serve while striving for great things.  Leadership can be daunting for those who comprehend what it requires, and oblivious to those just passing through the role until something else comes along.

Virtuous leadership requires living in the 
moment, and feeling humility about the 
role of leader, while bearing the weight 
of your organization’s risks and needs.  
The future of others rests in the leader’s 
hands, not only clients, consumers, 
family members, but also those of the 
staff.   And perhaps the heaviest weight 
of all, will the organization survive 
under your tenure as leader?

Staff not only wish for, but require leaders who stand up in the wind, and set a strong, clean, and honest course toward meeting the mission and purpose.  They must hear from their leader a clear and vibrant vision and reason for their existence, this year and into the future.  Staff  are often underpaid, working long hours, making sacrifices each day they come to work.  Nonprofit staffers are there because they feel a strong personal alignment with the mission and vision, and they need to hear and see that alignment from their leader. 

OpenSky-wi confidential coaching provides you with the opportunities to build the confidence and skills necessary to meet the demands and needs of your various constituents.  During transitions, coaching can be helpful in building rapport between leaders and staff.  Growth in teamwork will support new models for collaboration, allow you and the entire team to depend upon each other, and trust in your combined skills and abilities.

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