12 Hours 2 Save the World

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The Clock is Ticking.  Each year, the average board meets a total of between eight and 16 hours.  In this limited time, directors are responsible for ensuring your organization’s financial fidelity,  compliance with all legal and incorporation requirements, and adherence to bylaws and policies.  And we want them to raise funds, promote the brand and mission. Not a lot of time, given the scope of oversight required.  So, the question for you is, with so few hours, how intentional, how focused, and what opportunities will you provide, to ensure your board does make the difference in meeting mission, purpose, goals, objectives and outcomes. The Clock is Ticking.

Math Class: 12 mtgs x 1 hr=12 hrs; 10 mtgs x 1.5 hrs = 15 hrs;  6 mtgs x 1.5 hrs=9 hrs; 4 mtgs x 2 hrs = 8 hrs; 4 mtgs x 4 hrs = 16 hrs; 11 mtgs x 1 hr = 11 hrs; may add 1-5 hours for an event.