OpenSky-wi Services 
We consider you to be the expert on your organization
and your team.  We know your role is complicated and 
demanding, yet can be incredibly rewarding as well.    

We offer support for the issues confronting you, and 
coach you through to open skies. Our interactive 
tools and activities are specific to your challenges and 
your organization. 

Our services feature a broad range of options, 
including board retreats, team-building activities, 
surveys, facilitated group work, graphics, consensus 
dialogue, logic models, data collection activities, 
cost-benefit analysis, risk assessments, cultural integration,
training, workshops, grant composition support, visual 
aids, and professional coaching.

We are flexible in meeting your time, agendas,   
and specific requirements.  We balance our process 
between internet communication, information sharing, 
and on-line work sessions, with onsite research, 
training, workshops and interviews.  

Our six service areas can be explored by clicking                                
the Icons on the right hand side of this page. 

Contact us today to explore your concerns, specifics, costs, and scheduling.
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widening horizons for

nonprofit leadership