Who Are They?

OpenSky-wi’s talented avatars perform in our videos and web tools, taking on the roles, attitudes, and concerns of staff, volunteers, board members, community, clients, peers, sponsors, donors, and leaders.  We think they do an amazing job. Four-minute videos won’t solve everything, but they provide some relief and a few bright ideas.           They are our small gift to the nonprofit world. 


Our past and current projects and performances               can make the difference for you. 

Funding Development
Leadership Institutes
Executive Director Training Program
Program and Systems Evaluation
Behavioral Health Community Diversity Initiatives
Rural and Tribal Behavioral Health Seminars
Strategic Planning and Workshops
Board Strategies and Leadership Workshops
State-wide Consumer and Family Networks
Media and Communication Campaigns
Peer Leadership and Employment Development
Community-wide Meetings and Town Hall Gatherings
Juvenile Justice Prevention and Home-based Services
Coordination of Family and Community Assessment Teams
Volunteer Training and Management Programs
Homeless Prevention Coalitions
Higher Education Grant and Program Development
Awareness Campaigns for Seniors, Latino/Hispanic, African Americans
Head Start Five-Year Needs Assessment 
Suicide Prevention Coalitions
Community-wide Teen Pregnancy Prevention Strategic Plan
Technical Education Center Redesign and Development Plan
Legislative Advocacy and Community Events
Regional, State and National Conferences
Community Response Services for Veterans

Kate C. Gaston                                     OpenSky-wi Video Productions 
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And Who Are We?

Professionals with positive attitudes, a rich history of hands-on working experiences as leader, developer, board member, staff, volunteer, coach, and evaluator.  With nearly three decades of results, we’re now focused on creating clear models and strategies, individually crafted workshops and training, with confidential coaching for nonprofit leaders and management. 

We’re uniquely capable of working within your time, technology, and requirements.


widening horizons for

nonprofit leadership