It’s set in concrete, nonprofits require boards of directors, and the IRS views them as being responsible for the finances of your organization.  In addition, they are the group deciding whether you become or remain employed.  There is no better time than today to get your board motivated and engaged in their roles of building the brand, supporting your mission, purpose and strategies, bringing friends and funds to the table, and creating buzz and applause for your organization. 

To accomplish this, we work to bring you and your board to the same space of support, having each others’ backs in both the fluid, and the congested moments.  Development and training are opportunities for board and staff leadership to find confidence in one another, to know they can trust and depend upon each other.  

What you face, we understand.  We have been there, and know the questions that dart through all our thoughts as leaders of nonprofit organizations. 

Why do we have boards?  Why am I on the board?
Are boards there as support, an encumbrance, or monthly responsibilities I can come to resent?  
Does the process of board inclusion slow down the process of planning and development?  
Do members freeze and appear to be deer in the headlights when I ask them to ask others for money? 
Do I often feel it is quicker to do things myself without board involvement?  
Is our staff leadership and board leadership going in different directions with differing philosophies?  
Do members not want to be bothered with “little stuff?” 
Are members constantly sticking their nose into “little stuff,” operations and staff issues?  

And lastly, and perhaps more importantly, does staff leadership feel comfortable speaking with board members about problems or issues confronting the organization, particularly when the staff leader has contributed to the problem?  

Contact us for a completely confidential assessment of how our services would be helpful to meet your goal of effective interaction with your board.  We would love to work with you to meet your goals and your board’s expectations.

Board Development and Training


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