Brand as a business concept has necessarily invaded the nonprofit world, demanding us to pay attention to media, merchandizing and marketing.  Effective branding includes a carefully crafted icon, such as a logo or trademark that presents a clean image. Blanketing the media with your logo can create recognition of your trademark, but not necessarily your mission.  There needs to be more than logo identification for a product or service to flourish in the market place.  And you want your organization, brand, and services to flourish.

The heart of the brand is the value and promise that “stand behind” the logo.    Brand intentionally says, I have what you want and need, and you can depend upon me to deliver on my promise. Consumers need to appreciate the product, and what the brand represents. And you want your community to recognize your name and logo, and have some inkling of your organization’s purpose in life.  

To create an aurora and resonance around your “brand” and your organization, you must first solidify your brand’s value, and determine who needs to hear this from you, where they need to hear it,  and how often.  These four components will be the basis for developing your branding strategic plan of action. 

Our YouTube -- Message in a Bottle -- video above focuses on the six specific steps necessary to build a brand that resonates with meaning and with the public and funders. 

Our branding workshops and strategic planning consultation with staff and board are tailored to your specific mission, purpose, and communities, while at the same time, bringing tools and techniques proven effective in many domains.

Building Your

Agency and

Program Brand

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