None of us have eyes in the back of our head, but there are times when we wish we did.  How do you keep track of everything going on in your organization, oversee programs and activities, measure progress on goals and objectives, plan for the future, capitalize on opportunities, and not miss deadlines or signs? The answer is simple, you implement and maintain a monitoring system. 

When you implement a new program, a 
change in staffing or activities, you require
an increased level of focused thought and
activity. What allows you to breath easy   
about how the existing organization and 
programs continue to function during such
times of transition?  You must develop a
comprehensive, in-house monitoring
system to meet potential evaluation 
requirements.  Evaluations are now typically required by funding sources, so the idea of developing measurements is not a new concept for nonprofits. Having a monitoring system used by the entire organization will give you baseline information, tracking tools, and a means of measuring outcomes, even when there is little or no funding for a formal evaluation.  

A monitoring system designed specific to your organizational needs, allows everyone involved to check the progress or quality of services, activities, and outcomes over a period of time.  Staff who have helped in the design are invested in participation.  They are your specialists, they implement programs, manage activities, and follow-up on issues and requirements.  

We offer time-conscious, affordable, and practical assessment of your organization, with recommendations on monitoring activities that meld into normal activity.  Our work is focused, fast, and whenever possible, fun.  We all need to feel and experience delight in our work.  Developing and harvesting the results of monitoring will bring its own, very special delight.

Knowledge is a marvelous achievement.  It puts wind in your sails and presents tools to navigate into deeper waters.

Monitoring for


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