Strategic Planning sets the course for your organization’s core direction, through the inclusiveness of the process, and the resultant objectives, outcomes and timeline.  Great strategic planning will enlist and solidify board involvement, while also engaging their energy, excitement and commitment for the next two to five years.  Realistic planning involves staff and community. 

Consider the meaning of the phrase 
“he who fails to plan, plans to fail.”  
In effect, by default, you can set your
organization on the course of failure 
by not attacking and conquering the 
strategic planning challenge.  You need
solid footing that only planning can 
provide.  Such work allows you to change 
with the shifting needs and situations 
of your constituents.  None of us can 
predict the future, but given the recent past, we know the game will be changing.   

We know that building strategic plans and creating an environment for boards and staff to work together requires focused energy and a full toolkit.  An additional perspective we bring to our work is dedication to a critical element that often falls off the table with smaller nonprofits, evaluating what is going to be done, is being done, and what has been done.  Assessing for risks, needs, outcomes and measuring change will contribute to your brand, your reputation, and provide you with the necessary documentation for solid strategic planning and future funding.

There are questions, there are challenges, but there are also answers and solutions.  You know your organization, and we know our business.  Working  together we can meet your mission, purpose, and expand your footprint.


Planning Tools

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